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10 Reasons to Love Email This Valentine’s Day

Posted by Chris Winter on Feb 11, 2015 11:08:00 AM

10 Reasons to Love Email Marketing

Digital marketing is in a state of constant change. The market is always growing and evolving. In just one year, the number of marketing technology vendors jumped from 900 to over 1800! According to a 2014 report from DNN Software, most marketers (63%) at midsize companies are saying they have too many marketing technology vendors to manage effectively. Moreover, consumers are raising the bar on relevance. There's an increasing demand to receive personalized content. As a digital marketer, it can be a challenge to know what channels are best for your business and where to invest your marketing dollars.

In 2015, we believe that we will see more companies fall in love with email as it provides the data and insight that marketers love. This insight then allows them to build effective communication strategies for their digital communities. Here are 10 other reasons to love email this Valentine’s Day.

10 Reasons to Love Email:

  1. Data enables marketers to better segment and target their customers, producing smarter marketing campaigns. According to Experian personalized emails generate up to 6x higher revenue than non-personalized emails.
  2. Rather than maintaining simple 'lists' of customers, behavioural email marketing allows you to build individual profiles for each of your subscribers. Statistics show that contextual emails (such as transactional and trigger-based campaigns) have an average open rate of around 50%, whilst newsletters have an average open rate of around 22%.
  3. Target your audience up to 100% of the time vs. other digital channels 35% of the time.
  4. Email can easily be automated. According to Epsilon automated emails get 119% higher clicks than broadcast emails. 
  5. Email marketing provides real-time reporting that details campaign trends and subscriber activity.
  6. The ability to track results at an individual level.
  7. Email integrates well with other technologies.
  8. Email is far more effective than social media in attracting customers to your business online.
  9. 72% of the time email is the preferred communication by consumers.
  10. Email has an average ROI of almost 40:1!

In 2015, digital marketers will double down on proven channels like email. While these marketers will look to incorporate new email tech enhancements, they will always stick to the fundamentals (using established best practices) while executing more personalized email campaigns.

To learn more about how email can work harder for you, download our “3 Step Guide to Email Marketing Utopia.” 

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