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6 Quick Tips for Retail Email Marketing

Posted by Aislinn Shoveller on Jan 7, 2015 11:29:00 AM

Tips for Retail Email Marketing

As I’m sure you know, mobile has grown to play a significant role in any email marketers strategy. Retail companies are now shifting their entire email strategy so that they can better target consumers on mobile devices. Is a complete 180 shift really necessary though?As the graph below shows, retail clients do see the largest portion of mobile open rates of any vertical, but clicks are still largely being performed on a desktop. These stats tell us that consumers are browsing on their phone or tablet but are making purchases on their desktop. We are seeing that many consumers are still more comfortable committing to ecommerce transactions on their desktop.

Reatil Opens vs. Clicks Proportion

Mobile is a big factor for retail marketers, but it doesn’t require a dramatic shift. The main factors for targeting and insight are true:

  • Deliver on your core value proposition and set yourself apart
  • Focus on your most engaged audience – 30% of a customer base typically generates 70% of revenue
  • Do not forget about retention in your desires for acquisition.

While a complete overhaul of your email marketing strategy isn’t necessary, there are a few tweaks and adjustments that you should consider making.

  1. Online shopping is a huge market and many retailers are driving customers through email to their online store. However, there are still those that prefer or feel more secure purchasing offline. Drive traffic to your stores by displaying locations, phone numbers, and store hours. This is a particularly good strategy if you have a lot of mobile users as they are already on the move.
  2. If consumers are opening your emails on their phone but not clicking, you may be losing their attention and ultimately their business. Entice your customers to open your email again on desktop (where they’re more likely to click and buy) by adding time sensitive offers. If your offer is targeted and brief, it can inspire consumers to act quickly.
  3. Another quick way to capture those mobile users who aren’t as likely to click is to provide dynamic content. By using technology that adjusts content in real time, you can optimize the experience for individual device types. Change buttons like “Download App” that send users to the website on a desktop or to app stores on mobile.
  4. While you should already be doing this, the influence of mobile stresses the importance of looking through your own data instead of using industry averages. This can allow you to segment by device type and design so that your email is optimized for the device most used. Benchmarking is great for trends, but your own customer data holds all the important points for engagement.
  5. Retailers already know the impact of coupons on their sales. The influx of mobile users for email should only be seen as a bonus for retail. Mobile coupons can help drive those consumers to purchase. With segmentation and targeted offers, these coupons can be far more strategic than your regular generic emails, meaning they are more likely to be used. So if you aren’t accepting mobile coupons yet, it’s high time that you start!
  6. For those that are using online shopping heavily, don’t forget the influence of free shipping. You can especially attract the attention of those users that avoid shopping online as the price will likely be lower. Having “Free Shipping” as part of your subject line can really boost interest in your email. Once again, it can entice customers who open on mobile to click or re-open while on a desktop and make a purchase.

The influence of mobile can be a big factor for retail marketers but it doesn’t require wide-ranging changes in strategy. Pick a few things that suit your consumers and brand and focus on those. Of course, you should always look to your own data for insight first.

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