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Black Friday… It’s Already Here

Posted by Chris Winter on Nov 12, 2015 11:21:00 AM

Black Friday Email Marketing Best Practices

Half of all shoppers have already started planning for Black Friday – the biggest shopping day of the year!

According to eMarketer 27% of consumers began researching purchases in September or October while another 29% started in the first couple weeks of November.

As a marketer it’s your job to entice these shoppers to your website or stores to make those big purchases. Are you feeling a bit behind this year? Not to worry, there is still time to throw together a last minute marketing campaign that will have your boss smiling from ear to ear. 

Time of Year When US Internet Users Plan to Begin Researching Products and Preparing for Black Friday

Before you jump into action, keep these 5 tips in mind:

1. Build Anticipation. With only a single day of sales, consumers are picky about the retailers they want to focus their limited time on (see pie graph below). It’s important that you increase your customers’ knowledge of what you’re offering by creating campaigns that highlight and preview the offers you want them to know about. The more targeted the offer the better, so always try to include some sort of personalization; whether it be by gender or purchase history, these tailored previews will go a long way in keeping your brand top of mind.

First Retailer Where US Internet Users Plan to Purchase Products During Black Friday

2. Create Urgency. You aren’t the only one trying to get a hold of your customer on Black Friday. Entice action in a creative way by adding dynamic features like:

  1. Countdown Clocks – Create a sense of urgency in your email by displaying exactly how much time remains on a deal.
  2. Dynamic Images – Automatically change images over the course of the day to ensure customers receive varying offers based on when they open the email.
  3. Scratch and Win – Create interactive and fun emails that compel customers to engage with the “thrill of the deal!” 

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3. Be Mobile. The stats speak for themselves. 40% of consumers plan to use their smartphone for researching/purchasing products during Black Friday, while another 14% plan to use their tablet. That means you must take a “mobile-first mentality” and use responsive or scaling emails. 

Primary Device that US Internet Users Plan to Use for Research and Purchasing During Black Friday

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4. Winning Words. Subject lines are your first impression – make sure you nail it. All of the strategy, designing, coding, and (maybe) sweating may end up useless if your subject line doesn’t resonate with your subscribers. Testing is the only sure way to know what works. For subject line tips and best practices, check out our recent blog.

5. Be Bold. With so many retailers jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon, it’s important (and increasingly harder) to stand out. With single day sales like Black Friday, it pays to be bold - offers like 10% off or free shipping aren’t going to cut it. This year, outdoor recreation gear retailer REI made a surprise announcement that it will be closing all its 143 stores and paying its employees to #OptOutside on Black Friday. This announcement trended quickly on social media, possibly earning more media attention and sales than the typical Black Friday.

All told, Black Friday can be a stressful day for both retailers and their customers. The competition for a consumer’s email inbox can be fierce to say the least. Be sure to take the time necessary to nail your campaign. Quality will ultimately win over quantity and your subscribers will appreciate less clutter in their inbox.

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