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Evolve Your Business with Incremental Marketing

Posted by Brooklynn Boyer on Mar 31, 2017 8:36:00 AM

Evolve your business with incremental marketing

Imagine building your marketing efforts as climbing a mountain – which is how many marketing departments feel when starting from scratch. But what businesses don’t think about are the plateaus that come with these growing pains.They should be used as break to look back, report and analyze the results, rather than plowing full force ahead.
Incremental Marketing is a way to build a sturdy mountain – urm, marketing plan. In the simplest terms, this process of marketing allows you to first build a killer strategy, and execute it with slow investments for each step along the way. It’s the sense of understanding your audience and where they are online before you start any major campaigns. This not only will save you time and money but online reputation as well. You won’t be getting unqualified leads to your site, you will be fitting into the space your product or service is meant to occupy, and gaining traction along the way.

Your Marketing Strategy as a Mountain

Some people jump into marketing worried that any marketing is better than none. We’re here to break that myth.

Incremental Marketing can be easy to implement. Before you start diving in without a strategy, you need to think of what you want your outcome to be – and then break it into manageable steps in order to achieve that outcome. Marketing should be a gradual effort and many people don’t see it as that way. Not just with strategies and campaigns, but as a whole.

Some people say “big risk equals big reward”, or “spend money to make money”, or whatever your saying may be. But it’s false. It’s the fastest way a business can burn through money they didn’t need to burn through. Having a strong strategy before diving in can save you marketing dollars and bad online reputation. Using tools such as bots, social automation, and other un-personalised and less genuine approaches to running an online community and driving people to your site can cause more headache then it will results. People want to know that they’re being reached out to by a human on the other end of the screen and they want to enjoy the experience. 

Incremental Marketing enables you to create a sturdy base from which to execute. Put it this way, people train to climb a mountain, and once game day comes they’re still warming up for the big event. Make marketing the same. Understand your target audience, their buying journey, how they interact online and what gives them the incentive to go buy online. This may sound like a monumental task, but companies that get these features right in turn can achieve a higher return on their marketing spend, and increase their conversions to sales right off the bat. Marketing materials facilitate a nurturing process, making touch-points with your customer at the right time, warming them up for the big event – the purchase. Products and services are meant to fill a gap in the market, so if you position yourself as the right piece to a customer’s puzzle, the rest is history.

Gradual Investment Marketing

We keep going on about these great benefits, but how can you make it work for your company without being overwhelmed? Let’s take you through it.

Start with a strategy – Identify what marketing channels you’re going to leverage and why? What type of customers you will target? What are their interests and how do they buy? What type of information will you share? We can’t tell you everything or we’d be here all day.

Alright, you’ve got the strategy and plan, now it’s time to execute. Take a step in the right direction by breaking up your strategy into flowing steps. Need to get on social media? Build out some well-designed profiles and get the basics right (i.e. followers and engagement) before you start doing any paid advertising.

You’re not done yet. Test, test, test. We can’t iterate this enough. Rolling out a marketing campaign or activity and then leaving it, un-nurtured or un-monitored is like not feeding your picky-eating kid. Sure, some marketing material sticks more than others, but that doesn’t mean you can leave it and hope it continues to be successful. People are constantly online, so if you’re not crafting an engagement strategy with each campaign that rolls out, you’re practically tossing your budget in the garbage. Test each marketing step you take, gather the metrics that come with it (seriously, it can help you grow sales) and analyze the results. What can you do better next time? Optimizing each follow-up activity based on previous findings is like a free golden ticket.

We can’t stress enough, by analyzing the results and feedback from each block you add to your marketing plan, you can improve on the proceeding one! Each time you add to your marketing machine, it will be better tailored for your audience, and return better results. Talk about efficiency.

And hey, guess what? If you don’t believe us, watch John Heinzl battle it out to jump full force into marketing or invest gradually here. Yeah, we told you so.


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