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How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Posted by Chris Carson on May 28, 2015 12:02:00 PM

How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Email lists are the key to creating and maintaining customer relationships post purchase. Converting customers into subscribers is a great way to create brand loyalty and repeat purchasers. Keeping your list healthy and growing is an increasingly important aspect to Canadian email marketers with CASL in force now.

We are often asked by our clients and the start-up business community how to build an effective (and compliant) email list. This blog will cover why it is important to develop an engaged customer email list, and ways in which some of our clients have successfully grown their email list.

Why is it Important to Have an Email List?

The most important reason to develop an email list is the potential profits that it can generate for any business. Regardless if you are B2B or B2C, your email list is your most effective community building tool and can deliver significant ROI.

Fact: Inbox Marketer clients have seen $40:$1 ROI.

People are not going to your website each day to check for updates, but they do check their emails every day. Current stats show that 91% of people check their email at least once a day. Further, with growth in the mobile device market, people are accessing their emails on the go more. Our research shows that people are opening emails from their mobile device 53% of the time.

Gaining your customer’s email address is a huge sign of trust. They may already have a clogged inbox and the fact that they have given you their email shows commitment to your company. In return, you need to ensure you nurture and provide that customer with valuable and relevant content.

Ways to Capturing Your Customers Emails (and Grow Your List)

  1.  Website Subscription Link

There are many different methods of presenting an email opt-in form on your website. You can choose to have it as the first thing the customer sees or a delayed overlay that’s permanently set in the top bar of the website.

Website Subscription Link

  1. Website Email Subscriber Pop-Up

You have probably been to a website where you are greeted with a pop-up box asking you to subscribe to their newsletter/blog/course. The pop-up typically has a quick line describing what the customer is subscribing for. This is a simple and effective method, but remember that you are building trust with your customers; you need to be transparent about what you will be using their email for (i.e. contests, promotions, upcoming courses etc.).

Website Email Subscriber Pop-Up

  1. Free E-Book or Online Webinar

Giving your customers something in exchange for their email address can drastically increase your chances of getting their email. Many successful companies offer free e-books or webinars on the topics that are relevant to the company and customer. But remember that under CASL this is considered implied consent. You have 6 months to transition that email address to express consent or you must remove them from your list (or else risk a heavy fine).

Free E-Book or Online Webinar

Looking for more email list growth strategies?

Grab a free copy of our latest infographic - 9 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List.

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