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How to Keep More Eyes on Your Emails

Posted by Lindsay Chomitz on Jul 15, 2015 4:55:00 PM

How to keep more eyes on your emails

As an email marketer, it is easy to get wrapped up in your message and metrics while forgetting that there is a real person on the other end of “send.” Your subscribers may begin to tune out your message or unsubscribe altogether if your emails are irrelevant or lack real value. Your emails should serve a purpose and solve problems for subscribers. Even if they don’t buy from you every time, a click is important, as it shows your message is resonating and might inspire brand loyalty, which leads to purchases.

Tips to help you gain and retain more subscribers:
  1. First Impressions
  • Place your most important ideas at the top of your email
  • Be clear on what the purpose of the email is
  • Include the most important call to action (CTA) in the first paragraph – it’s the best way to catch (or lose) user attention and clicks
  • Use catchy one-line pre-headers
  • Optimize your subject lines with AB testing
  • Create original content
  1. Rich Content Experiences
  • Create appealing visual experiences within long-form articles and content
  • Use storytelling that is intimate and visual
  • Increase click through rates, time spent reading, and sharing/forwarding by targeting your audience with personalized content
  1. Animation/Video
  • Use large high-quality images that render on all devices and email clients
  • Show the soul of your company without in-your-face branding
  • Create an ambience that doesn’t get in the way
  1. Quality over Quantity
  • Have one central idea – users want to digest a message quickly and easily 
  • Avoid having lengthy paragraphs as they will have eyes closing and users deleting emails in no time flat
  • Break up text into short, concise paragraphs – add images for interest
  • Bold some key words to call out major ideas and make it enjoyable to read
  • Read the blog post, "Email Frequency: Why Quality trumps quantity
  1. Get Social
  • Embed social links in your email campaigns to drive interactions
  • Persuade the reader to take action AND share the message – that’s a successful email
  • Link your social sites together
  1. Accessible For All
  • Keep in mind that your email will be viewed on many different platforms and that some don’t accommodate certain content types (Outlook doesn’t like gifs, for example)
  • Design your emails to look good on all devices, from desktop to mobile
  • Be conscious of different needs – perhaps create larger buttons or use bigger text for readability

While it is inevitable that you will experience a certain level of list churn annually, it is important to try to optimize your messaging to minimize the impact. Be sure to put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes and ask yourself, “What’s in it for me?” If the answer is nothing, you may want to rethink hitting “send.”

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