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The State of Email Marketing in Canada

Posted by Chris Winter on Jun 4, 2015 11:56:00 AM

Email Marketing in Canada

Canadian consumers are constantly raising the bar on relevance. As a result, there is an increasing demand for one-to-one content using personalization, dynamic content, and predictive intelligence. According to eMarketer, the #1 strategy objective for email marketers in 2015 is to increase engagement. We are already seeing this with more companies transitioning from mass email to mass personalized email, leveraging automated email programs and preference centres to send subscribers fewer, but more targeted emails.

Important Email Marketing Strategy Objectives

Open Rates are Increasing 

Personalization is a relatively easy way to increase your email relevancy and is likely why we saw average email open rates increase in Canada to 26.2% in 2014, up from 23.7% in 2013. Our client data shows that in Canada, open rates hit a low of 18.8% in 2011 but have since trended back upwards as consumers engage with email at any time and from any location via mobile devices. In addition, email marketers have adapted their email templates to feature more dynamic content and responsive design.

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 Email Open Rates By Year in Canada

Click-through Rates Decline Slightly

Click-through rates (CTR) are another great indicator for the relevancy of email content and an excellent measure of engagement. In 2014, we saw CTRs decrease slightly, averaging 5.0%. This slight decline in average CTRs could have been the result of contact frequencies that were too high and/or subscriber fatigue. If recipients continue to see the same content time and time again they are less likely to click. We know that many email marketers continue to offer traditional static content (such as articles) in their messages, rather than engaging recipients through more participatory content (such as polls, surveys, requests for feedback, links to video, invitations to social media conversations, etc.). Email leaders are continuously testing dynamic content techniques to deliver relevant information and offers that are tailored to each subscriber. 

As a rule of thumb, messaging that is customer (“me”) focused perform better.

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