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Top 5 Blog Posts From 2015

Posted by Chris Winter on Jan 11, 2016 12:08:50 PM

 Top Blogs of 2015

We always like to take a look back at the past 12 months to see which themes resonated most with our readers. In 2015, email marketers favoured posts on the fundamentals of email marketing, including how to implement industry best practices and how to practice good list hygiene.This is not all that surprising, as email has continued to defy its naysayers to only grow in popularity as a consumer messaging channel. “The death of email has been prophesied for nearly 15 years,” said Matthew Vernhout, chief privacy officer at Inbox Marketer. “But in fact, it continues to grow. More consumers are subscribing to email communications. Email is getting more targeted, segmented, and most importantly more relevant. So that’s where I think the resurgence of email has come from.”

Emails growth means there is a sizeable segment of users who are new to email and are looking to learn the basics. There are also those more experienced users who are looking to stay on top of best practices to ensure they have their basics covered. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 blog posts from 2015:

#5 – Intro to Email Marketing Metrics

Email Marketing Metrics 101

Here are 5 fundamental metrics that are an excellent gauge for subscriber behavior marketers need to be aware of. (Please note that this summary is for beginners, so experts should already be well versed in all of these.) Read More


#4 – 5 Major Factors Impacting Email Marketing

5 Factors Impacting Email Marketing

Technologies like countdown clocks, scratch and win, animated GIFs, and video in email have given a much needed refresh to many email marketing programs. Despite email's recent successes, there are certain factors and challenges that you need to be aware of to ensure that your organization’s email programs are prepared to succeed. Read More


#3 – People Don’t Read, They Scan

People Don't Read, They Scan

You may have heard that digital readers don’t read; they scan. Some experts even suggest that our brains have adapted to this new way of “reading”, meaning novelists should be alarmed. But what about digital marketers? Should we be alarmed, too?  Read More


#2 – 10 Mistakes that will send you to the Spam Folder

10 mistakes that will send you to the spam folder

No! Not the spam folder! Unfortunately, even legitimate emailers like you can find yourself facing a sudden drop in opens that means your messages have been detoured. Watch out for these 10 mistakes that can derail even your finest mailings. Read More


#1 – Top 10 Email Design Trends for 2015

Top 10 Email Design Trends for 2015

Graphic and email designers are seeing more marketing managers revisiting their email templates in an attempt to push boundaries and create beautiful, engaging emails. As a result, 2015 promised to be an exciting time for email designers. Here were the trends we're most excited about. Read More

Happy New Year and all the best in your 2016 campaigns!

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