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Using Video to Breathe New Life into Your Email Marketing

Posted by Chris Winter on Dec 13, 2016, 4:27:17 PM

Using Video in Email Marketing

Digital video has been one of the fastest-growing ad formats for the past several years, and as a result has become become increasingly more popular among consumers. It’s unsurprising then to see email marketers getting on board with video.

According to research, the most common way for email marketers to include video in email messages is by sending animated GIFs: 46% of the campaigns studied used silent animations to embed video content. But almost as many offered full-screen video (44%), including 33% of campaigns that required two clicks for playback. Only 11% had full-screen video with playback available after just one click. And only 8% placed the video inline in the email.

 Digital Video Usage in Email Marketing


Should You Embed Video in Email?

When deciding how to incorporate video in email, there are many factors to considersuch as your goals for the email campaign, technical limitations, and user experience.

If you're thinking about giving an email embed a try, keep in mind that although HTML5 is by far the most convenient method for your subscribers, it is only supported by a limited number of email clients, so you really can't embed video in email reliably. It’s likely because of this poor support that few marketers try video in email.


Optimizing your video for email

Since most email browsers won’t necessarily display video properly, here’s how we get around that:

First, embed your video on a landing page – whether it’s a stand-alone page or YouTube link, this gives you something to link to from your email.

Next, take a screenshot of your video and put a play button over top of it to mimic the look of a typical video player. Add the screenshot to an email, and link it directly to the landing page with the video.  Since almost all email browsers load images these days, this is the easiest way to guarantee your video will be viewed when someone opens your email. When your audience receives your email, they’ll see a screenshot of your video, and when they click on it they’ll be taken directly to a page where they can immediately view your video content. It’s as seamless as you can make it, and it works consistently.

Using a landing page has two additional benefits. First, it’s trackable, meaning you can gather more robust engagement metrics like, who watched the video and for how long, and two, you can include as many calls-to-action on the landing page as you want, enabling you to drive subscribers to your website or elsewhere once they've watched your video.


Capture Your Customer’s Attention with Personalized Video

Looking for ways to show your audience they’re not just another email on your list?  Personalized video enables you to connect with each person on a one-to-one basis by weaving unique personalized details into your video which, according to Vidyard, can increase email conversion by 500% or more!

Personalization can be something as simple as featuring your subscribers’ name, company name, job title, an image like a company logo, or a picture of their website at different points throughout a video. In addition to personalizing the video itself, each subscriber can also receive a personalized thumbnail image (to be embedded in the email itself) to drive greater engagement.

 personalized video.png


According to eMarketer dynamic content is the #1 email marketing feature that marketing professionals planned to use in 2016 - and there is good reason for that. Personalized video has shown that it can get more viewers watching and keep them watching longer and holds the power to help businesses generate more value than increasing engagement alone. Contact us today to learn more about Video in Email and Personalized Email. 


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