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Why Email Don’t Get No Respect

Posted by Chris Winter on Jun 22, 2015 5:10:00 PM

Why Email Don’t Get No Respect

A recent Globe and Mail article titled “Web ad ‘viewability’ eyed as new standard” brings to question whether web ads are being seen – apparently they are not. According to the article, “Viewability” has become a hot topic in the ad industry, as marketers pour more money into digital ads only to find out that those ads never actually appeared in front of humans.

According to data last year from comScore Inc., just 47.5% of online ads in Canada were placed “in-view,” meaning that over half of all ads were NEVER seen! This is confirmed by a study Google released last year showing that less than half the ads it served were actually seen by a real person.

Despite web ads’ failing grade, it is email marketing that gets the mud thrown at it. In the words of Rodney Dangerfield, “[email] don't get no respect.”

But why? Email marketing is alive and growing. The statistics don’t lie.

At the end of 2014, 73% of marketers claimed that email marketing was a core strategy for their business. It makes sense - email marketing, a permission-based vehicle, has a higher return on investment than both digital and traditional advertising and is backed by measurable results, 100% of the time. Email is also highly targeted, enabling marketers to send the right message to the right person at just the right moment, making it the marketing tool of choice for businesses looking to attract, retain, and grow loyal customer bases. It is no wonder then that 59% of marketers plan to increase their email budgets in 2015 and beyond. 

When given the choice of web ads, where over 50% of your budget is ultimately wasted, or email marketing, it prompts the question, “why are marketers messing around with web ads in the first place?” 

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