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Why Email Marketing? 10 Great Reasons!

Posted by Chris Winter on Nov 21, 2016 1:10:44 PM


We live in an extraordinary age. Daily (if not hourly) new tech is being introduced enabling both marketers and consumers to communicate and interact in ways previously only dreamed about. Virtual reality is proving to be a complete game changer, already playing the role of disruptor within a variety of industries and its potential is still largely unknown. So why email marketing? Isn't Email old and unsexy?

While the new shiny objects may hold great promise, they are often fickle and unproven. Marketers want to have confidence in their investments. Enter email, the proven workhorse that reliably produces results. Email is famously touted as the #1 channel for ROI generating $38 for every $1 spent,  but it is also so much more than that. To help make the case for email we have put together nine other reasons that make email marketing so great:

Click here to download this infographic


Click here to download this infographic


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