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Win Customers & Keep them Coming Back with Automated Email Campaigns

Posted by Chris Winter on May 16, 2016 12:33:49 PM

Win Customers & Keep them Coming Back with Automated Email Campaigns

Customers become engaged and loyal to a brand when they are provided with relevant and timely messages that add value to their lives. Value can come in different forms, like a welcome message to a new subscriber that arrives moments after registration, outlining the benefits of the email program and offering an attractive discount off their next purchase, or a follow-up email ensuring that the service they received met their standards, offering them a chance to provide feedback, both good and bad. These little touches are the pieces that add up to produce a great brand experience, and can turn a onetime purchaser into a lifelong customer.

To produce all of these messages, and to do them well, can be incredibly straining on your resources. That’s why more marketers are turning to marketing automation to reduce their workload, enabling them to spend more time on strategy and analysis, thereby increasing the value they can provide to their customers.

How It Works

Automated campaigns range from the simple to complex, and are based on the principle that by collecting and matching the right data points, it's possible to segment your audience and message them with event-triggered, personalized messages.


You can create personalized, automated email workflows that can get triggered in a number of different ways -- when a user subscribes to an email list, submits a form on your website, clicks a link in an email, views a page on your website, or becomes a marketing qualified lead, etc..


7 Types of Automated Email Campaigns – Download the Infographic

What is in it for you?

It may take some time to set up these event-triggered email sequences, especially if it's a new approach for your company, however, once set up and tested for effectiveness, you can let the technology take over - relieving you from managing much of the process manually. Marketing automation also allows for improved lead management and nurturing, more measurable results, and enhanced targeting & personalization.

Regrettably, not all marketers are using automated emails campaigns to their full potential. According to Adestra, the leading reasons cited for letting automated emails fall by the wayside is not having the time to make it happen, lack of resources, and integrating data. Strange reasons considering this is the very purpose of automated emails in the first place - saving you the trouble of sending out multiple emails manually. A lack of resources should not be the concern.

Additionally, when looking at what triggers companies are using, less than a quarter are sending automated emails based on abandoned baskets, date notifications, and timed content programmes through sales cycle – areas that can have a great impact on your bottom line.



The Time Is Now

The competition for your customer’s attention is only increasing. It’s up to marketers to create smarter email campaigns that are highly targeted and relevant. Leveraging these types of triggered email campaigns to send the right message, to the right person, at just the right moment will be the key to your success.

Here are 7 automated email campaigns designed to wow them and keep them coming back for more.

Download the infographic now.


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